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Plenary Session - Invited Papers
Dr. Jacek Rabkowski, Warssaw University of Technology, Poland Power Converters with Silicon Carbide Devices
Dr. Daniel Foty, Gilgamesh Associates, LLC, USA Trade Secrets and Patents and Such: What Engineers Need to Know
Dr. Rajiv Joshi, IBM, T. J. Watson Research Center, USA Climbing the VLSI Power Wall for nm Era
Dr. Jaakko Malmivuo, Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Finland High-Resolution EEG Recording System using Smart Electrodes
Dr. András Poppe, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary Multi-domain characterization of semiconductor devices
Dr. Maurits Ortmanns, University of Ulm, Germany Highly Parallel Neural Interfaces
Dr. Zahra M. K. Moussavi, University of Manitoba, Canada Design of Medical devices for Sleep Apnea Detection
Tea Varrak, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia Mektory: best practice for innovative students
Accepted Papers for BEC2014
1. Semiconductor devices and analog electronics
Session 1.1 - Semiconductor Devices and Technologies
Investigation of deep-level centers in i- and n-layers of GaAs pin-diodes J. Toompuu, O. Korolkov, N. Sleptsuk, T. Rang
Enhanced semitransparent monocrystalline silicon solar cell structure Enikö Bándy, Márta Rencz
The Method of Quantum Optical Communication Based on Entangled Photon Pairs Andres Udal, Martin Jaanus, Kadri Umbleja, Reeno Reeder
Numerical Aspects of the Development of Quantum Cascade Laser Simulation Software Reeno Reeder, Andres Udal, Enn Velmre, Alexander Valavanis, Jonny Cooper, Andrew Grier, Paul Harrison
Session 1.2 - Circuits Solutions
Low Noise LDO Architecture with Consideration for Low Voltage Operation Juri Mihhailov, Viktor Strik, Sergei Strik, Toomas Rang
250nA Quiescent current high PSRR voltage reference in standard CMOS process Sergei Strik, Viktor Strik
2. Digital and Embedded Systems
Session 2.1 - Navigation Systems
Collision Warning Algorithm for Passage of an Uncontrolled Road Intersection Janeks Ahrems
The Analysis of Kalman Filtering Algorithm for Land Vehicle Navigation V. Jeralovics, A. Levinskis
ADS-B in Space: Decoder Implementation and First Results from the GATOSS Mission Bjarke Gosvig Knudsen, Morten Jensen, Alex Birklykke, Peter Koch, Johan Christiansen, Karl Laursen, Lars Alminde, Yannick Le Moullec
Session 2.2 - Digital Circuit Design
PCIe and DisplayPort Based High Speed Volumetric 3D Video Output Card Implementation In FPGA Krišs Osmanis, Gatis Valters, Ilmārs Osmanis, Pēteris Misāns
Asynchronous Sequential Circuits Synthesis by High-Performance Computing František Kudlačák, Elena Gramatová
3. Test, Verification, and Validation
Session 3.1 - Fault Tolerance and Reliability
A Fault-Tolerant Technique to Detect and Recover from Open Faults in FPGA Interconnects Gehad I. Alkady, Nahla A. El-Araby, M.B. Abdelhalim, H. H. Amer, A. H., Madian
On Reliability Estimation for Combined Transient and Permanent Fault Handling Stefan Scharoba, Mario Schölzel, Tobias Koal, Heinrich T. Vierhaus
Extended Checkers for Logic-Based Distributed Routing in Network-on-Chips Behrad Niazmand, Ranganathan Hariharan, Vineeth Govind, Gert Jervan, Thomas Hollstein, Jaan Raik
Effect of the Resistance of Open and Short Faults on the Production Testing of MCML Gates R. Mohie El-Din, A.S. Emara, S.H. Amer, M.M. Fouad, A.H. Madian, H. H. Amer, M. B. Abdelhalim, H. H. Draz
Session 3.2 - Fundamentals of Test
Generating all test patterns for stuck-at faults at a gate pole and their connection with the incompletely specified Boolean function of the corresponding subcircuit A. Matrosova, S. Ostanin, I. Kirienko
7-Valued Algebra for Transition Delay Fault Analysis Jaak Kõusaar, Raimund Ubar
Fully delay Testable sequential circuits and problem of their structural minimization A. Matrosova, E. Mitrofanov
PaCGEN: Automatic system for critical path selection based on multiple parameters Miroslav Siebert, Elena Gramatova, Lukas Nagy
Session 3.3 - Built-In Self-Test and Novel Architectures
Remote Online Testing Of Embedded Systems Using Optical BILBO Abdelhakim Latoui, Raphael Canals
Comparison of two approaches to improve functional BIST fault coverage Sergei Kostin, Raimund Ubar, Maksim Gorev, Gunnar Mägi
Pipelined execution of data-parallel algorithms Maksim Gorev, Raimund Ubar
Method for synthesis Model-Reference Adaptronic Automatic Control System V. Skopis, I. Uteshevs
4. Instrumentation, Communication, Signal Processing and RF Solutions
Session 4.1 - Filtering and Modulation of Signals
Optimization of Filtering Scheme for Reduction of Loudspeaker Frequency Distortions Rolands Shavelis, Kaspars Ozols, Modris Greitans
Initial version of real time model of acoustic transmission system with parametric multicarrier modulation Arturs Aboltins, Pēteris Misāns
Design of FIR Decimation Filters with Low Group Delay for Audio Applications Rolands Shavelis, Kaspars Ozols
Time-domain manipulating of short-time chirps Toivo Paavle, Mart Min
Session 4.2 - RF-Techniques and Navigation
Experimental Multi Sensors Navigation System Research Janis Kluga
Development of 802.11p Testbed - Experiences Artis Medins
State and Dynamic Precision Research Using Two GPS Receivers with RTK A. Kluga, I. Mitrofanovs, J. Kluga, V. Jeralovics
Electrical properties of the conductive pigments for flexible antennas O. Artamonovs, G. Balodis J. Blums
Session 4.3 - Imaging and TV Measurements
New Integral Quality of TV Service Criterion Construction Based on Quality of Experience Statistical Estimation Vytautas Deksnys, Eligius Sakalauskas, Gedeiminas Činčikas
Image Based Counterfeit Coin Validation A. Gavrijaseva, O. Märtens
Extraction of the Variable Width Laser Line Ago Mölder, Olev Märtens, Tõnis Saar, Raul Land
Coin Recognition Using Line Scan Camera A. Gavrijaseva, O. Märtens, R. Land, M. Reidla
Session 4.4 - Analysis and Conversion of Signals
Short Delay Measurement Using Non-uniform Fourier Transform Karel Dudáček jr., Karel Dudáček, Vlastimil Vavřička
Experimental Studies of Analog Signal Digital Representing Based on a High Performance Event Timer Armands Mezerins
Signal Activity-Dependent Analog-to-Digital Conversion Igors Homjakovs
Precise event timing realisation and its application for signal analysing V. Bes'palko, E. Boole, V. Vedin
Electrical Bio-Impedance based non-invasive method for the central aortic blood pressure waveform estimation Andrei Krivoshei, Mart Min, Hasso Uuetoa, Jürgen Lamp, Paul Annus
5. Cyber-physical and cognitive systems
Session 5.1 - Bio-Medical Applications
Lean Body Mass Assessment Based on UV-absorbance in Spent Dialysate Ruht Tomson, Ivo Fridolin, Merike Luman
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Analysis of Immunoglobulin G in Patients with Gastric Cancer Kirill Sergejev, Kersti Klaamas, Raul Land, Oleg Kurtenkov
Miniaturized Wireless Monitor for Long-term Monitoring of Newborns Mairo Leier, Gert Jervan
Alternatives of measurement of electrical bioimpedance of the body with the aim to determine the cardiac and respiratory activity Margus Metshein
Session 5.2 - Cognitive and Cyber Physical Systems
Virtual Reality Visualization for Short Fibre Orientation Analysis Emiliano Pastorelli, Heiko Herrmann
Towards context-sensitive dialogue with robot companion Jüri Vain, Helena Sarapuu
Industrial Process Monitoring by Multi-Channel Acoustic Signal Analysis  Sergei Astapov, Andri Riid, Jürgo-Sören Preden, Tanel Aruväli
Closed-Loop Identification of Fractional-order Models using FOMCON Toolbox for MATLAB Aleksei Tepljakov, Eduard Petlenkov, Juri Belikov
6. Power Electronics
Session 6.1 - Power Electronics
Control of Quasi Z-Source DC-DC Converter by the Overlap of Active States: New Possibilities and Limitations Indrek Roasto, Liisa Liivik, Dmitri Vinnikov
Bidirectional Operation of the Single-Phase Neutral-Point-Clamped Quasi Z Source Inverter O. Husev, J. Zakis, D. Vinnikov, O. Savenko
Considerations on Practical Implementation of Control System for Switch Mode Current Regulator Olegs Tetervenoks, Ilya Galkin
Switched-Capacitor Current-Fed Quasi-Z-Source Inverter Andrii Chub, Oleksandr Husev, Janis Zakis
Session 6.2 - Electrical Engineering
The sophisticated routing control of the bogie Radovan Doleček, Ondřej Černũ, Zdenĕk Nĕmec
Energy Saving Estimates for Regenerative Braking and Downhill Driving of Battery Electric Vehicles Valery Vodovozov, Anton Rassõlkin, Nikolai Lillo, Zoja Raud
Redesign of Passive Balancing Battery Management System to Active Balancing with Integrated Charger Converter  Kristaps Vitols
A Battery Cell Balancing Method with Linear Mode Bypass Current Control Javier Gallardo-Lozano, Enrique Romero-Cadaval, Tanel Jalakas, Hardi Hõimoja
Constitutive Currents and Power Components (CCPC) for Polyphase Load Analysis Under Nonsinusoidal Conditions Dimitri Jeltsema, Marek T. Hartman, Jacob W. van der Woude