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The length of the paper is restricted to exactly four (4) pages, including figures and references.

The margins around each page should be set as follows:
left = 1.29 cm,  right = 1.29 cm,
top = 1.90 cm,  bottom = 4.29 cm.


The text of the manuscript must be printed in two columns. Width of each column should be 8.89 cm.  The column separation is 0.63 cm.
The first page of the manuscript must contain the title of the paper, author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s), all centred on the top of the page and spanning both columns. There should be one complete line space between the title, the author names, and the author affiliations. A space of two complete lines is required between the author affiliations and beginning of the main text.
A brief abstract not exceeding 15 lines should appear at the beginning of the paper, on top of the left column. Please use Times New Roman font and single-spaced typing.
Recommended font sizes:

Title 24  
Authors 11  
Affiliations 10  
Abstract 9 bold
Main text 10  


  • do not type any page numbers
  • do not use hand-written symbols or formulas

Please use the Guidelines for preparation of the manuscript(MS Word97-2003) or PDF (Adobe Portable Format)

LaTeX style files IEEEtran.zip and BibTex style files IEEtranBST.zip

Acrobat PDF setting files job option files.zip that will allow you to automatically set Adobe Distiller to meet the IEEE PDF requirements.

For more information please visite IEEE Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings webpage


Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics, TUT, bec@elin.ttu.ee