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The 13th Biennial

October 3-5, 2012,Tallinn, Estonia

2012 13th Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference (BEC2012)

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2012 13th Biennal Baltic Electronics Conference (BEC2012)

  Plenary Session - Invited Papers
  Opening Plenary
Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012, 13:00, Tallinn University of Technology, room VII-226
Chair: Prof. Toomas Rang
Prof. Saurabh Sinha, University of Pretoria, South Africa SiGe Technology for mm-Wave applications
Saurabh Sinha and Dr Daniel Foty
Prof. Anthony J Vickers, University of Essex, United Kingdom THz Spectroscopic Studies of Biomolecules
D. Crompton, A. J. Vickers
Prof. Ion Petre, Åbo Akademi University, Finland Computation in living cells: implementation and control strategies
Ion Petre
  Closing Plenary
Friday, Oct. 5, 2012, 14:30, Laulasmaa Resort and Spa
Chair: Prof. Toomas Rang
Dr. Daniel Foty, Gilgamesh Associates, The United States of America The Future of ”Moore’s Law” – Does It Have One?
D. Foty
Prof. Joao Martins, Nova de Lisboa-FCT-DEE and UNINOVA-CTS, Portugal Smart Homes and Smart Buildings
J. F. Martins, J. A. Oliveira-Lima, V. Delgado-Gomes, Rui Lopes, D. Silva, S. Vieira, C. Lima
  Accepted Papers for BEC2012
1.  Semiconductor Electronics: Technologies, Devices, and Simulation
SESSION 1-1: Simulation
Chair: Prof. Enn Velmre
Ants Koel, Toomas Rang, Viktor Voitovich, Jana Toompuu Numerical simulations for reverse recovery process investigations of LPE GaAs power diodes
V. Kasauskas, R. Anilionis Simulation of Optimisation of NMOS Structures Channel Areas Technological Processes
A. Udal, R. Reeder, Z. Ikonic, P. Harrison, E. Velmre Development of quantum cascade laser simulation software
SESSION 1-2: Experiments and Optimization
Chair: Dr. Oleg Korolkov
A. Blinov, D. Vinnikov, T. Rang Experimental Analysis of the Dynamic Performance of Si, GaAs and SiC Diodes
Janos Mizsei, Oleg Korolkov, Natalja Sleptsuk, Jana Toompuu and Toomas Rang Experimental Study of Surface Distortions in Silicon Carbide Caused by Diffusion Welding
Kristo Paisnik, Andras Poppe, Toomas Rang, Galina Rang Physics Related Modeling of Power LEDs
2.  Integrated Electronics Systems
SESSION 2-1: Circuit Design
Chair: Prof. Peeter Ellervee
K. Osmanis Optimum Driving Conditions Study for Digital Micromirror Devices
J. Mihhailov, S. Strik A continuous output current measurement circuit for switching step down DC-DC regulator with a single sensing FET
N. Agafonovs and G. Supols Design and evaluation of a stroboscopic signal converter based on discrete transistor clocked comparator
3.  Test, Verification, and Validation
SESSION 3-1: Fault Models and Testing
Chair: Dr. Jaan Raik
Vladimir Petrovic, Marko Ilic, Gunter Schoof and Zoran Stamenkovic SEU and SET Fault Injection Models for Fault Tolerant Circuits
Raimund Ubar, Jaan Raik, Sergei Kostin, Jaak Kõusaar Multiple Fault Diagnosis with BDD based Boolean Differential Equations
Petr Pfeifer, Zdenek Pliva Delay-Fault Run-Time XOR-less Aging Detection Unit Using BRAM in modern FPGAs
H. Kruus, R. Ubar, P. Ellervee, M. Gorev, V. Pesonen, S. Devadze, E. Orasson, M. Brik, M. Min, P. Annus, M. Kruus, K. Meigas A Benchmark Suite for Evaluating the Efficiency of Test Tools
SESSION 3-2: System Verification and Reliability
Chair: Prof. Raimund Ubar
J. Vain, E. Halling Constraint-based test scenario description language
Stefano Di Carlo, Salvatore Galfano, Giulio Gambardella, Marco Indaco, Paolo Prinetto, Daniele Rolfo, Pascal Trotta NBTI Mitigation by Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration
Gyula Horvath, Gabor Marosy, Sandor Glisics, David Czifra Battery characterization for CubeSat missions with battery tester application
SESSION 3-3: Analog and Mixed Signal Testing
Chair: Prof. Peeter Ellervee
Petr Suchanek, Vladimir Haasz, David Slepicka Evaluation of ADC Non-linearity Correction Based on INL(n) Approximations
O.S. Ahmed, M.B. Abdelhalim, A.H. Madian, and H.H. Amer DC Testing of Switched Capacitor Based Delta Sigma Converters
S. M. Hamed, A. H. Khalil, M. B. Abdelhalim, H. H. Amer, and A. H. Madian N-stage Pipelined Digital to Analog Converter Testing
V. Vedin, A. Mezerinsh Reliability enhancement of event timer calibration by using a dual PLL for the calibrating signal generation
4.  Embedded Systems
SESSION 4-1: Embedded Systems Validation
Chair: Prof. Thomas Hollstein
Sandor Glisics, Zoltan Kovacs, Gabor Marosy, Andras Poppe Theoretical considerations for the design of self-diagnostic circuit for LED based street lightings
F. Philipp, J. Martinez, M. Glesner, and A. Arkkio A Smart Wireless Sensor for the Diagnosis of Broken Bars in Induction Motors
David Czifra, Gabor Marosy, Sandor Glisics Solar Array Emulator and MPPT Tester for the Masat-1 Mission
E. Moorits, G. Jervan Profiling in Deeply Embedded Systems
6.  Instrumentation and Communication
SESSION 6-1: Data Acquisition, Communication and Control I
Chair: Dr. Alar Kuusik
Eugene Boole Event timer application for high-precision measurement of overlapping time intervals under online controllable gating of STOP pulses
J. Svarny Implementation of a precise quadrature point bias controller to the integrated intensity electro-optic modulator
Ago Molder, O. Martens, T. Saar Adaptively under sampled, circular histogram based image processing for rotation invariant coin detection
A.V. Zelenkov, A. Litvinenko OFDM PAPR reduction by pre-scrambling and clipping
SESSION 6-2: Data Acquisition, Communication and Control II
Chair: Dr. Jaan Ojarand
A. Tepljakov, E. Petlenkov, and J. Belikov Implementation and Real-Time Simulation of a Fractional-order Controller using a MATLAB based Prototyping Platform
Arturs Aboltins Block Synchronization Using a UniqueWord for a Generalized Unitary Rotation Based Communication System
J. Pidanic, Z. Nemec, R. Dolecek Speed-up the Computing of Bistatic Cross-Ambiguity Function on different hardware configuration
V. Belinska, A. Kluga, J. Kluga Application of Rauch-Tung-Striebel smoother Algorithm for Accuracy Improvement
SESSION 6-3: Radar solutions
Chair: Dr. Toomas Parve
P. Misans, M. Terauds CW Doppler Radar Based Land Vehicle Speed Measurement Algorithm Using Zero Crossing and Least Squares Method
P. Misans, M. Terauds, D. Liepkalns Development of CW Doppler Radar Prototyping Environment Used for Vehicle Recognition and Parameter Estimation
SESSION 6-4: Vehicle Control and Positioning
Chair: Dr. Rauno Gordon
A. Kluga, J. Kluga, I. Mitrofanovs GPS Receiver with Phase Measuring Precision Estimation
J. Jansons, E. Petersons, N. Bogdanovs A measurement study of WLAN link recovery using WDS in vehicular environment
J. Ahrems Algorithms for determination of safety intersections
7.  Biomedical Electronics
SESSION 7-1: Physiological Signals and Sensors
Chair: Prof. Kalju Meigas
R. Tomson, I. Fridolin, F. Uhlin, J. Holmar, K. Lauri and M. Luman Development of the Model for the Optical Monitoring of Urea in Spent Dialysate
K. Ozols, M. Greitans, and R. Shavelis EEG Data Acquisition System Based on Asynchronous Sigma-Delta Modulator
M. Huotari, A. Vehkaoja, K. Määttä, J. Kostamovaara Arterial pulse wave analysis based on PPG and EMFi measurements
K. Temitski, J. Lauri, K. Pilt, K. Meigas, M. Viigimaa Assessment of algorithms for detecting an arterial pulse pressure wave same phase point
SESSION 7-2: Monitoring and Modelling of Biological Objects
Chair: Dr. Toivo Paavle
Toivo Paavle, Mart Min Rectangular-Wave Chirps for Broadband Measurement: Spectra and Energy
K. H. Blomqvist, R. E. Sepponen, N. Lundbom, J. Lundbom An open-source hardware for electrical bioimpedance measurement
A. Hermanis and K. Nesenbergs Grid shaped accelerometer network for surface shape recognition
Ye. Bodyanskiy, A. Dolotov Digital model of spiking neuron based on the Z-transform
8.  Power Electronics
SESSION 8-1: Power Electronics for Distributed Energy Systems
Chair: Dr.
Indrek Roasto
V. Fernao Pires, J. F. Martins, O. P. Dias, A. J. Pires, Chen Hao A Photovoltaic String Architecture with Multiple Single-Phase Inverter Modules
P. Suskis, I. Rankis Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter for Wind and Hydrogen Based Autonomous Energy Supply System
A. Andreiciks, I. Steiks, O. Krievs Design of Resonant DC/DC Converter for Fuel Cell Application
T. Jalakas, I. Roasto, D.Vinnikov Analysis of Battery Charger Topologies for an Electric Vehicle
SESSION 8-2: Power Electronics for Lighting Applications
Chair: Prof. Ilya Galkin
I. Galkin, A. Suzdalenko, J. Armas Distance Encoding Waves for Identification of Lighting Failures
O. Tetervenoks, I. Galkin Evaluation of efficacy of light sources combined of different color LEDs
A. Suzdalenko, I. Galkin Advantages of Enhancement of Street Lighting Infrastructure with DC link
Irena Milashevski, Ilya Galkin, Oleg Tetervenok Assessment of Buck Converter Powered by Current or Voltage Sources for LEDs Luminary
SESSION 8-3: Power Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Chair: Dr.
Joco Martins
D. Foito, V. Fernao Pires, J. Maia, J. F. Martins Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Six-Phase Voltage Source Inverter using Trajectory Mass Current Center
D. Foito, M. Guerreiro, V. Fernao Pires Diametrical Inversion of a Single-Phase Induction Motor with a Multilevel AC Drive
S. Burtovoy, I. Galkin Geometry optimization of half-bridge converter with symmetrical busbar structure
J. Shklovski, K. Janson Development of Constant-Power Source for Arc Welding
SESSION 8-4: Power Electronics
Chair: Dr.
Dmitri Vinnikov
S. Ott, T. Jalakas, D. Vinnikov, I. Roasto Experimental Analysis of Extended Boost Quasi-Z-Source Inverters
S. Stepenko, O. Husev, D. Vinnikov, S. Ivanets FPGA Control of the Neutral Point Clamped Quasi-Z-Source Inverter
M. Vorobyov Improved storage SC charger based on single phase matrix converter topology
Ryszard Strzelecki, Piotr Mysiak Experimental Tests Results of the Diode Rectifier with Series Active Power Filter
9.  Signal Processing
SESSION 9-1: Bio-impedance and Acoustical Signal Processing
Chair: Dr. Rain Ferenets
Maksim Gorev, Vadim Pesonen, Peeter Ellervee Implementation of Multisine Signal Generator for a Bioimpedance Measurement Device
Uwe Pliquett, Andreas Barthel, Thomas Nacke, Dieter Frense, Laura Diaz, Yahor Zaikou, Andreas Rudolph, Christian Pflieger, Maximilian Westenthanner, Dieter Beckmann Fast broad bandwidth bioimpedance measurement – the use of square wave excitation and non-uniform sampling
S. Astapov, J. S. Preden, E. Suurjaak A Method of Real-Time Mobile Vehicle Identification by Means of Acoustic Noise Analysis Implemented on an Embedded Device
V. Kûs, J. Tlaskal, S. Dos Santos, Member IEEE, and Z. Farova Signal Detection, Separation & Classification under Random Noise Background
SESSION 9-2: Image and Other Signal Processing
Chair: Dr. Olev Märtens
T. Sledevic, A. Serackis SURF Algorithm Implementation on FPGA
I. Mednieks A Method for Correction of Rural Multispectral Aerial Image Mosaics
R. Dinuls, A. Lorencs, I. Mednieks Using Consolidated Covariance Image for Discrimination of Habitats
Yu. Artyukh, E. Boole, J. Bule Determination of correction function for reducing integral non-linearity of DSP-based event timer
10.  System Identification
SESSION 10-1: Instrumentation and Signals
Chair: Dr. Toivo Paavle
J. Svatos, J. Vedral, P. Novacek Metal Object Detection and Discrimination Using Sinc Signal
V. Bespal’ko, J. Savarovsky, V. Stepin, D. Stepin Method for measuring pulse width, which is less than the dead time of measurement instrument
SESSION 10-2: Modeling and Parameter Estimation
Chair: Dr. Raul Land
V. Vansovits, E. Petlenkov, K. Vassiljeva, A. Guljajev Identification of Industrial Water Boiler for Model Predictive Control of District Heat Plant
A. Gavrijaseva, A. Mõlder, O. Märtens, C. Kyrkou, T. Theocharides Cross-Correlation-based Image Matching of Coins
J. Papouskova, S. Dos Santos, and V. Kûs Hysteresis of electromagnetic relays for PM Space Density Identification
 Special Session: Learning is Engineering
Chair: Prof. Vello Kukk
R. Gordon, M. Min, T. Parve Developing e-learning functionalities on electrical bioimpedance for the biomedical electronics course
M. Jaanus, V. Kukk, K. Umbleja, B. Gordon, M. Pikkov HomeLabKits – implementation and usage
V. Kukk, K. Umbleja Analysis of forgetting in a learning environment

Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics, TUT,