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The 12th Biennial

October 4-6, 2010, Tallinn, Estonia

2010 12th Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference (BEC2010)

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2010 12th Biennal Baltic Electronics Conference (BEC2010)

  Plenary Session - Invited Papers
  Monday, Oct. 4 ,2010, Tallinn University of Technology
Chair: Prof. Toomas Rang
Prof. Toomas Rang, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia Baltic Electronics Conference (BEC) series: long and winding road
Prof. Emeritus Enn Velmre, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia Thomas Johann Seebeck and his contribution to the modern science and technology
Dr. Daniel Foty, Gilgamesh Associates, LLC, USA Thomas Johann Seebeck - Two Centuries Later, An Appreciation Abstract
Dr. Ahmed Jerraya, CEA-LETI, MINATEC, Grenoble, France Convergence of Design and Fabrication Technologies, a Key Enabler for Smart Systems Integration
Dr. Simin Nadjm-Tehrani, Linköping University, Sweden SecFutur: Security Engineering Process for Networked Embedded Devices
  Wednesday, Oct. 6 ,2010, SWISSOTEL Conference Centre
Chair: Prof. Toomas Rang
Prof. Valery Sklyarov, University of Aveiro, Portugal Synthesis of Circuits and Systems from Hierarchical and Parallel Specifications
Dr. Rainer Dorsch, IBM Systems & Technology Group, Boeblingen, Germany Future Computer System Design Challenges
Dr. Zoran Stamenkovic, IHP GmbH, Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics Leibniz-Institut fuer innovative Mikroelektronik, Germany SOC Design for Wireless Communications
Dr. Enrique Romero-Cadaval, Dra. Maria Isabel Milanés-Montero,
PE&ES. University of Extremadura, Badajoz, Spain
Cooperative Converters in Power Electronic Systems
Prof. Jaakko Malmivuo, Tampere University of Technology, Finland Application of the principle of reciprocity to impedance tomography and other problems in bioelectromagnetism

Accepted Papers for BEC2010

1.  Electronic Materials, Technologies, Devices, and Simulation
SESSION 1-1: Technologies
Chair: Prof. Toomas Rang
Manouchehr Bahrami, Zahra Haddad Derafshi, Mir Razi Mousavi, Mazdak Rad Malekshahi Comparative Study of Different Current Carrying Structures Used as Electromagnetic actuator
A. T. Giannitsis, M. Min Fabrication methods for microfluidic lab-on-chips
J. Y. Moon, I. Tuokko, A. Suominen, A. Tuominen, D. S. Oh, B. K. Park, H. Kim Hydrogen sensing performance of TiO2 nanotubes at room temperature
SESSION 1-2: Devices
Chair: Prof. Enn Velmre
V. Kašauskas, R. Anilionis Modeling of Structures and Characteristics in MOS Made of Ion Implantation Technological Processes
N.Sleptsuk, O. Korolkov, J. Toompuu, T. Rang Comparison of individual SiC JBS chips and JBS stacks connected in series by diffusion welding
Ants Koel, Toomas Rang, Galina Rang Complementary Multi Guard Ring JBS Structures: numerical analysis
2.  Integrated Electronics and Chip Design
SESSION 2-1: Signal Sources
Chair: Dr. Raul Land
A. Kasemaa, T. Rang Low power CMOS current source for shortened square wave signals
Tero Nieminen and Kari Halonen Reference Voltage Generation in High-Speed Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Converters
S. Strik, V. Strik High accuracy, low temperature coefficient bandgap voltage reference
SESSION 2-2: Amplifiers and Filters
Chair: Dr. Eiko Kängsep
Peter Gärtner, Harald Richter Rail-to-Rail CMOS OpAmp with Stabilized Operating Point
A. Baskys The means of the differential amplifier input offset voltage reduction
F. Abu Bakar, K. Halonen Source Follower as Filter Block
J. Mihhailov, V. Strik General Purpose Input/Output’s buffer with reverse current protection capability in above supply level condition
SESSION 2-3: Analog Circuits
Chair: Dr. Rein Sabolotny
Mikail Yücetas, Lasse Aaltonen, Kari Halonen Linearity Study of a Self-balancing Capacitive Half-bridge Sensor Interface
Antti Kalanti, Lasse Aaltonen, Matti Paavola, Mika Kämäräinen, Mika Pulkkinen, and Kari Halonen A Power-On Reset with Accurate Hysteresis
Jani Mäkipää, Erkka Laulainen, Matthew J. Turnquist, and Lauri Koskinen Subthreshold Timing Error Detection Performance Analysis
Mikko Talonen and Jussi Ryynänen Analog and Mixed Signal Circuit and System Ontology
SESSION 2-4: Digital Circuits
Chair: Prof. Peeter Ellervee
D. Mihhailov, V. Sklyarov, I. Skliarova, A. Sudnitson Optimization of FPGA-based Circuits for Recursive Data Sorting
M. F. Fouda, M. B. Abdelhalim, and H. H. Amer Power Consumption of Sequential CMOS Circuits Using Logic Pictures
Olli Vainio, Erno Salminen, and Jarmo Takala Teaching Digital Systems Using a Unified FPGA Platform
3.  Test, Diagnostics, and Fault Tolerance
SESSION 3-1: Analogue and defect-oriented test
Chair: Dr. Jaan Raik
Sergey Mosin Structural solution of reconfiguration based built-in self-test for analog and mixed-signal IC
Ahmed H. Madian, Hassanein H. Amer, Ahmed O. Eldesouky Catastrophic Short and Open Fault Detection in MOS Current Mode Circuits: A Case Study
Sergei Kostin, Raimund Ubar, Jaan Raik Macro Level Defect-Oriented Diagnosability of Digital Circuits
H. Kruus, R. Ubar, J. Raik Defect-Oriented BIST Quality Analysis
4.  Embedded Systems
Chair: Prof. Thomas Hollstein
Jan Pohanka , Ondrej Pribula , Jan Fischer An Embedded Stereovision System: Aspects of Measurement Precision
Zoltan Gy. Kovacs, Gabor E. Marosy, Gyula Horvath Case study of a simple, low power WSN implementation for forest monitoring
J. Kroustek, S. Zidek, D. Kolar, A. Meduna Exploitation of Scattered Context Grammars to Model VLIW Instruction Constraints
V. I. Hahanov, Wajeb Gharibi, E. I. Litvinova, Ngene Christopher Umerah Logic Associative Multiprocessor for Information Analysis
Chair: Dr. Gert Jervan
Joonas Tyystjärvi, Tero Säntti and Juha Plosila Efficient Bytecode Optimizations for a Multicore Java Co-Processor System
Mihkel Tagel, Peeter Ellervee, Gert Jervan Design Space Exploration and Optimisation for NoC-based Timing Sensitive Systems
L. Möller, H. Jesus, F. Moraes, L. S. Indrusiak, T. Hollstein, M. Glesner Graphical Interface for Debugging RTL Networks-on-Chip
5.  Dependable Computing and Formal Verification
Chair: Prof. Jüri Vain
M. Chupilko, A. Kamkin Developing cycle-accurate contract specifications for synchronous parallel-pipeline hardware: application to verification
Marko Kääramees, Jüri Vain, Kullo Raiend Model-based Synthesis of Reactive Planning Online Testers for Non-deterministic Embedded Systems
Uljana Reinsalu, Jaan Raik, Raimund Ubar Register-Transfer Level Deductive Fault Simulation Using Decision Diagrams
R. Lemmik Model-Driven Development Method of the Virtual Data Warehouse
Chair: Dr. Marko Kääramees
A. Anier, J. Vain Timed automata based provably correct robot control
Kenno Parm, Sven Nõmm and Jüri Vain Application of bidding automata for measuring the informativness of hand motion characteristic features
Michele Bertasi, Giuseppe Di Guglielmo, Franco Fummi, Graziano Pravadelli Effective EFSM generation for HW/SW-design verification
6.  Systems, Instrumentation, Communication, and RF Solutions
SESSION 6-1: Communications
Chair: Prof. Mart Min
U. Männi Smart Sensing and Time of Arrival based location detection in Parking Management Services
I. Lagzdinyte Modelling of objects location data flow in communication networks
R. Plestys, R. Zakarevicius Request and Response Zone Control for Routing in MANET
SESSION 6-2: Measurements
Chair: Dr. Paul Annus
M. Janošek, S. Dad'o Single-lockin detection of AC magnetic fields by fluxgate sensor
Uwe Pliquett, Thomas Nacke Process relevant impedance measurement: fast and robust
J. Švarny Analysis of quadrature bias-point drift of Mach-Zehnder electro-optic modulator
SESSION 6-3: Systems
Chair: Prof. Uwe Pliquett
K. Vassiljeva, E. Petlenkov, J. Belikov Automated neural network model selection algorithm for feedback linearization based control
T. Nacke, A. Barthel, C. Pflieger, U. Pliquett, D. Beckmann, A. Göller Continuous process monitoring for biogas plants using microwave sensors
G. Balodis, A, Rusko, V. Novikovs Modified Estimation of Shielding Efficiency for Hole
7.  Biomedical Electronics
SESSION 7-1: Bioimpedance
Chair: Dr. Rauno Gordon
I. Bilinskis, K. Sudars, M. Min, P. Annus Advantages and limitations of an approach to bioimpedance data acquisition and processing relying on fast low bit rate ADCs
A. T. Giannitsis, M. Min Usage of microfluidic lab-on-chips in biomedicine
Toivo Paavle, Mart Min, Jaan Ojarand, and Toomas Parve Short-Time Chirp Excitations for Using in Wideband Characterization of Objects: An Overview
V. Pesonen, M. Gorev, P. Annus, M. Min, P. Ellervee Reconfigurable Data Acquisition Unit for Bioimpedance Measurements
SESSION 7-2: Monitoring
Chair: Dr. Toomas Parve
R. Tomson, I. Fridolin, F. Uhlin,, J. Jerotskaja, K. Lauri, and M. Luman Development of the Model for the Optical Multiwavelength Monitoring of Creatinine in the Spent Dialysate
Jarmo Alametsä, Jari Viik, Eero Huupponen, Antti Kulkas, Alpo Värri, and Sari-Leena Himanen Snoring seconds detection with EMFi sensor strips
Enar Reilent, Ivor Lõõbas, Raido Pahtma, Alar Kuusik Medical and Context Data Acquisition System for Patient Home Monitoring
A. Talisainen, S. Kostin, D. Karai, I Fridolin, R. Ubar On-line Monitoring of Dialysis Adequacy Using Diasens Optical Sensor: Accurate Kt/V Estimation by Smoothing Algorithms
SESSION 7-3: Photoplethysmography
Chair: Prof. Kalju Meigas
K. Pilt, K. Meigas, M. Viigimaa, J. Kaik, R. Kattai, and D. Karai Arterial pulse waveform dependence on applied pressure
M. Huotari, K. Maatta, J. Kostamovaara Radial artery pulse wave measurement by photoplethysmograpy and compound pulse wave decomposition
R. Erts, E. Kviesis-Kipge, J. Zaharans, E. Zaharans, J. Spigulis Wireless photoplethysmography finger sensor probe
8.  Power Electronics
Chair: Dr. Dmitri Vinnikov
R. Dolecek, Z. Nemec, O. Cerny, J. Novak The effect of converter control method to characteristics of traction drive
R. Dolecek, J. Novak, O. Cerny, Z. Nemec EMC of converters for interlocking device
H. Hõimoja, I. Roasto, A. Kesküla Design concepts for a hybrid diesel electric shunting locomotive powertrain
Chair: Dr. Daniel Wojciechowski
D. Vinnikov, I. Roasto, T. Jalakas Comparative Study of Capacitor-Assisted Extended Boost qZSIs Operating in Continuous Conduction Mode
J. Zakis, D. Vinnikov, I. Roasto Soft-switching capability analysis of a qZSI-based DC/DC converter
D. Wojciechowski, R. Strzelecki High power, zero ripples active filtering system with power modules operating in parallel
P. Mysiak 20 kW 18-pulse diode converter - results of laboratory tests
Chair: Dr. Marek Adamowicz
M. Adamowicz, R. Strzelecki, J. Szewczyk, L. Lademan Wireless Short-Range Device for Wind Generators
D. S. Oh, K. W. Rhie, J. Y. Moon, A. Tuominen The Safety Assessment of Wind-Photovoltaic Hybrid Power System for Afforestation in Desertification area
A. Baskys, V. Bleizgys, V. Gobis SVPWM method with the averaged pulse length versus conventional modulation method
Chair: Dr. Ilya Galkin
A. Blinov, T. Jalakas, D. Vinnikov, J. Laugis Analysis of Switching Properties of Different High Voltage IGBTs Operating Under Hard-Switching Conditions
J. Jankovskis, D. Stepins, D. Pikulins Improving effectiveness of the use of frequency modulation in power converters
A. Suzdalenko, I. Galkin Choice of Power and Control Hardware for Smart LED Luminary
A. Sokolovs, I. Galkin Verification of model of bi-directional switch in context of evaluation of its losses
9.  Signal Processing
SESSION 9-1: Condition monitoring and recognition
Chair: Dr. Rain Ferenets
T. Saar, O. Märtens, M. Reidla, A. Ronk Chirp-based impedance spectroscopy of piezo-sensors
O. Märtens, IEEE member, M. Reidla, T. Saar Simple DSP interface for impedance spectroscopy of piezo-sensors
T. Saar, O. Talvik Automatic Asphalt Pavement Crack Detection and Classification using Neural Networks
I. Artemchuk, E. Petlenkov, F. Miyawaki, A. Gladki Neural Network based System for Real-time Organ Recognition by Analysis of Sequence of Endoscopic Images received during Surgical Operation
SESSION 9-2: Numerical methods
Chair: Dr. Toomas Ruuben
M. Gorev, P. Ellervee Variable byte-length data compression algorithm
E. Moorits, A. Usk A Numerically Efficient Method for Calculation of the Angle of Heel of a Navigational Buoy
J. Le Bihan Z-Transform based method for coefficient computation and generating function derivation for sinc^N FIR filters


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