2008 International Biennal Baltic Electronics Conference (BEC2008)

  Plenary Session - Invited Papers

  Monday, Oct.6 ,2008, Tallinn University of Technology
Chair: Prof. Toomas Rang
Dr. Uwe Pliquett, Institut für Bioprozess- und Analysenmesstechnik e.V., Heilbad Heiligenstadt, Germany Electronics in Biology
Prof. Juha Röning, Janne Haverinen, Anssi Kemppainen, Henna Mörsäri and Ilari Vallivaara, University of Oulu, Finland Smart System for Distributed Sensing
Prof. Jiri Jan, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic Retinal image analysis aimed at blood vessel segmentation and neural layer detection
Prof. Bernd Michel, Dr. Hans Walter, Fraunhofer MicroMaterials Center Berlin, IZM, Germany Micro- and Nanoreliability Research for Microsystems
  Wednesday, Oct.8 ,2008, Conference Centre of Laulasmaa Resort
Chair: Prof. Toomas Rang
Prof. Vanja Ambrožič, Mitja Nemec, David Nedeljković, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia Direct Current or Flux Control and Predictive Torque Control in Power Electronics Applications
Prof. Elena Dubrova, The Royal Institute of Technology, IMIT/KTH, Sweden Learning Fault-Tolerance from Nature
Dr. Daniel Foty, Gilgamesh Associates / Sarissa Radio, Inc., USA Nanoscale Electron Devices: The Untold Technology Story

Accepted Papers for BEC2008

1.  Electronic Materials, Technologies, Devices, and Simulation


Chair: Prof. Toomas Rang
A. Udal, V. Kukk, E. Velmre, M. Klopov Quantum mechanical transforms between x- and k-space as a signal processing problem
E. Velmre, M. Klopov, and A. Udal Modeling of carbon nanotube junction with ab-initio software VASP
B. P. Cahill, A. T. Giannitsis, R. Land, G. Gastrock, U. Pliquett, T. Nacke, M. Min, D. Beckmann Optimization of electrowetting electrodes: analysis of the leakage current characteristics of various dielectric layers
Pedram Razavi, Ali A. Orouji Dual Material Gate Oxide Stack Symmetric Double Gate MOSFET: Improving Short Channel Effects of Nanoscale Double Gate MOSFET
Chair: Prof. Hans Walter
Raido Kurel, Toomas Rang, Galina Rang, Argo Kasemaa Charge carrier transport in SiC Schottky interfaces: shape factor approach
O. Korolkov, N. Sleptshuk, A. Sitnikova, and T. Rang Electron microscopy study of contact layers in n-type 4H-SiC after diffusion welding
V. Daskevicius, J. Skudutis, S. Staras Simulation of slow-wave structures using synergy of various methods
A. Noreika, P. Tarvydas Electromagnetic Field Modeling Using Edge Finite Elements
Chair: Prof. Enn Velmre
V. Yurshevichs, J. Grizans Determination of the magnetic spectra of toroidal cores
R. Jurkonis, S. Daukantas Simplified approach investigating non-linear transformations of ultrasound diagnostics signals
Viktor Voitovich, Toomas Rang, Galina Rang, Mihhail Pikkov High performance GaAs power diodes
2.  Integrated Electronics and Chip Design  
SESSION 2-1: Integrated Circuits Modeling
Chair: Prof. Raimund Ubar
T. Speeti, L. Aaltonen, K. Halonen Charge-Pump PLL with SC-Loop Filter for Low Frequency Reference Signal
A. Kasemaa, P. Annus CMOS current source for shortened square wave waveforms
J. Bruzdzinski, J. Gronicz, L. Aaltonen and K. Halonen Behavioral Simulation of Fractional-N PLL Frequency Synthesizers: Phase Approach
SESSION 2-2: Low Power Integrated Circuits
Chair: Prof. Vello Kukk
L. Aaltonen, K. Halonen Integrated High-Voltage PID Controller
S. Strik, V. Strik Low quiescent current LDO with improved load transient
M. Yucetas, L. Aaltonen, K. Halonen CMOS Temperature Sensor Using Periodic Averaging for Error Reduction
E. Doicaru, M. Bodea, C. Dan A CMOS Fifth-Order Low-Pass Continuous-Time Filter for Low-Voltage Applications
3.   Test, Diagnostics, and Fault Tolerance  
SESSION 3-1: Microprocessor testing and high-level ATPG
Chair: Dr. Artur Jutman
Alfredo Benso, Stefano Di Carlo, Paolo Prinetto, Alessandro Savino, Alberto Scionti Using ER Models for Microprocessor Functional Test Coverage Evaluation
A. Chepurov, G. Di Guglielmo, F. Fummi, G. Pravadelli, J. Raik, R. Ubar, T. Viilukas Automatic Generation of EFSMs and HLDDs for Functional ATPG
R. Ubar, J. Raik, A. Jutman, M. Jenihhin, M. Brik, M. Instenberg, H-D. Wuttke Diagnostic Modeling of Microprocessors with High-Level Decision Diagrams
Maksim Jenihhin, Jaan Raik, Raimund Ubar, Anton Chepurov On reusability of verification assertions for testing
SESSION 3-2: Test, diagnosis and built-in self-test
Chair: Dr. Jaan Raik
Helena Kruus, Gert Jervan, Raimund Ubar Using Tabu Search for Optimization of Memory-Constrained Hybrid BIST
R. Ubar, S. Kostin, J. Raik Calculation of the Diagnosibility of Digital Circuits without Using Fault Models
A. Mellik, J. Raik Test Development and Deployment Tool-set for Mixed-Signal and Digital Devices
E. Petlenkov, A. Jutman, S. Nõmm, R. Ubar A novel artificial neural networks based automatic adaptive fault detection technique for analog circuit
4.  Embedded Systems  
Chair: Prof. Peeter Ellervee
Uljana Reinsalu, Anton Arhipov, Peeter Ellervee Architectural Exploration Tasks for On-Chip Embedded Systems
David Munoz Martinez, Janne Haverinen, Juha Röning Sensor and Connectivity Board (SCB) for Mobile Robots
Fatemeh Refan, Parisa Kabiri, Homa Alemzadeh, Paolo Prinetto, Zainalabedin Navabi Application Specific Configuration of a Fault-tolerant NoC Architecture
5.  Dependable Computing  
SESSION 5-1: Dependability I
Chair: Prof. Jüri Vain
Kalle Saastamoinen Usage of the T-norms and T-conorms in Medical Data Classification
Kalle Saastamoinen Usage of the S-type Equivalences in Medical Data Classification
A. Anier Motion recognition with abstract interpretation and HMM
Günter Kemnitz, Hossam A. Ramadan, Carsten Giesemann Redefining Terms Related to Dependability
SESSION 5-2: Dependability II
Chair: Prof. Juha Röning
J. Vain, T. Tammet, A. Kuusik, S. Juurik Towards scalable proofs of robot swarm dependability
Juhan Ernits, Marko Kääramees, Kullo Raiend, Andres Kull Requirements-Driven Model-Based Testing of the IP Multimedia Subsystem
Karina Minakova, Uljana Reinsalu, Anton Chepurov, Jaan Raik, Maksim Jenihhin, Raimund Ubar, Peeter Ellervee High-Level Decision Diagram Manipulations for Code Coverage Analysis
T. Robal, A. Kalja Making use of personalized web services in the study process
6.  Systems, Instrumentation and Communication  
Chair: Prof. Mart Min
Ye. Bodyanskiy, A. Dolotov Image processing using self-learning fuzzy spiking neural network in the presence of overlapping classes
Rudolf Volner Human Interaction System = Intelligence Network
Rudolf Volner, Petr Boreš, Vladimir Smrž A Product Based Security Model for Smart Home Appliances
A. Jakštas, S. Kaušinis, R. Barauskas, A. Barakauskas, A. Kasparaitis Software based control techniques for precision line scale calibration
Chair: Dr. Toomas Parve
V. Sinivee, L. Kurik, U. Kallavus Mobile photogrammetry for positioning measuring sensors
J. Vain, T. Tammet, A. Kuusik, E. Reilent Software Architecture for Swarm Mobile Robots
T. Nacke, R. Land, A. Barthel, J. Friedrich, P. Peyerl, M. Helbig, J. Sachs, M. Schäfer, U. Pliquett Process instrumentation for impedance spectroscopy - a modular concept
A. Baskys, V. Zlosnikas PID controller with the switched parameters
7.  RF Solutions  
Chair: Dr. Alar Kuusik
Z. Nemec, R. Dolecek The Time Difference of Arrival Estimation of Wi-Fi Signals Using Received Signal Decomposition on Delayed Replicas
Toomas Kirt Fast and Adaptive Scheduling in Ad Hoc Networks
J. Švarny Evaluation of optical power fluctuation of thermally stabilized laser source
T. Tõnnisson Compact Fourier transform infrared spectrometer module
8.  Biomedical Electronics  
Chair: Prof. Kalju Meigas
Rauno Gordon, Indrek Rätsep, Andres Kink Computer-Simulation of Impedance Vector Dynamics of Intra-cardiac 4-electrode Bio-impedance Measurement
E. Petlenkov, I. Artemchuk, F. Miyawaki, K. Yoshimitsu Restricted Connectivity Neural Network Structure for Organ Recognition by Analysis of Endoscopic Images during Surgical Operation
J. M. A. Tanskanen, J. M. Leppänen, J. K. Hietanen, J. A. K. Hyttinen Independent component analysis in processing event related potentials in electroencephalograms
A. Valinevičius, A. Žickis, R. Gužauskas, E. Keras Investigation of the Structure of Data Network of Biotronics Systems
9.  Power Electronics  
Chair: Prof. Vanja Ambrožič
T. Möller, A. Rosin, H. Hõimoja, M. Müür PLC Based Control of Remote Laboratory Experiments
T. Jalakas, D. Vinnikov, I. Roasto, Z. Raud, M. Egorov Versatile Laboratory Tools for Advanced Course of Power Electronics
Roman Śmierzchalski Simulation system for marine engine control room
D. Stepins Examination of influence of periodic switching frequency modulation in dc/dc converters on power quality on a load
Chair: Dr. Dmitri Vinnikov
H. Hõimoja, D. Vinnikov, A. Rosin Control Basics of a Flywheel-powered Uninterruptible Motor Drive
A. Sokolovs, I. Galkin Cost and Space Effective IGBT Gate Drive Circuit for Bi-directional Switch of Matrix Converter
R. Strzelecki, D. Vinnikov Decentralized Control of a UPS Systems Operating in Parallel
I. Galkin, A. Stepanov, L. Bisenieks Direct-current supply system with capability of an uninterruptible power supply
Chair: Prof. Ryszard Strzelecki
I. Roasto, D. Vinnikov, T. Lehtla and A. Auväärt A Simplified Peak Current Mode Control Algorithm for the Special Purpose High Voltage IGBT Converters
M. Wojciechowski, R. Strzelecki, G. Benysek Predictive Control System of the Shunt Active Power Filter
10.  Signal Processing  
SESSION 10-1: DSP in Medicine
Chair: Dr. Olev Märtens
A. Ronk and J. Toomessoo Synchronous primary signal processing for MIMO bio-impedance measurement on several frequencies
K. Pilt, K. Meigas, J. Lass, M. Rosmann, J. Kaik Adaptive sum comb filter for PPG signals by using ECG signal as reference
S. Daukantas, V. Marozas, A. Lukosevicius Inertial sensor for objective evaluation of swimmer performance
Toivo Paavle, Mart Min, and Toomas Parve Using of Chirp Excitation for Bioimpedance Estimation: Theoretical Aspects and Modeling
SESSION 10-2: Signal Processing
Chair: Dr. Raul Land
O. Märtens Simplified DFT with Sorted Accumulation of Input Samples
J. Le Bihan Efficient method based on Z-Transform techniques for coefficient calculation of sinc^N FIR filters
Erkka Laulainen, Lauri Koskinen, Marko Kosunen, Kari Halonen Noise filtering for tilt compensated compass
SESSION 10-3: Image Processing
Chair: Dr. Ants Ronk
D. Matuzevičius, D. Navakauskas Feature Selection for Segmentation of 2-D Electrophoresis Gel Images
T. Saar, O.Märtens A DSP based laser scanner
Viktor Alekseyev, Sergey Babichenko, Innokenty Sobolev Control and signal processing system of hyperspectral FLS LiDAR






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