Event Driven Method for Transient Simulation of High Frequency Digital Circuits

Gabriel-Stefan Popescu, Daniela Tarniceriu

Technical University "Gh. Asachi" Iasi,
Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications

E-mail gabip@tuiasi.ro


An event driven simulation method for dynamic analysis of linear or piecewise linear modeled circuits is presented. The solution of the state equation of a linear network calculated with an implicit integration algorithm is developed in order to obtain a computational efficient one step independent expression of the state variables values.

In the context of the proposed method basic events to schedule and the circuit clustering are deduced. The method is able to provide accurate timing information over the simulated circuit dynamic behavior remaining computational efficient. The proposed approach is appropriate for large high frequency digital circuit analysis. The circuit model the method deals with includes complex linear subcircuits models and nonlinear device piecewise linear models.