Type approval test and certification of the terminal equipment of telecommunication network: documentation, organization, implementation in Lithuania

A. Masonis, H.Mykolaitis, R.Plestys, G.Simenas

There are many new tasks for telecommunications administration in the period of reorientation of the country to EU: introduction of new European standards, type approval, certification of communication equipment. The problem is for the great variety of the switchings of PSTN, old equipment, poor subscriber and transmission lines. The new terminals coming to the market requires higher quality of lines and channels. It requires in turn big investments. It is necessary carefull attitude implementing new standards, balancing between high requirements of the standards and old infrastructure of PSTN still working.

Standardization Committee for Telecommunications at Lithuanian Standardization Board have prepared some new standards based on European Telecommunications Standards (ETS). The objective was:
- to increase the quality of communication service,
- to prevent harm,
- to the network and services,
- to assure end-to-end compatibility for terminals,
- to protect the rights of customers in the market from unqualified importers/manufactures.

Therefore some documents were developed: "General technical requirements and test methods for terminal equipment of PSTN" (based on ETS 300 001), "Technical requirements and test methods for telephone sets, connected to PSTN", "Technical requirements and test methods for terminal equipment connected to leased lines of PSTN", "Technical requirements and test methods for faximile aparatus of group 3 connected to PSTN", etc., covering the main groups of terminals of PSTN.

Certification and type approval testing of telecommunication equipment is being provided by the State Radio Frequency Board according to the decree of Minister. The testing laboratory is being prepared for accreditation.