Design and Analysis of Large Scale Data Acquisition in Power Distribution Network

V.Deksnys, Z.Nakutis
Kaunas University of Technology
Faculty of Radioelectronics

Accurate account and expeditious control are especially urgent in the todays power economy. Ourarticle presents automatic power energy accounting and tariffing system. System would enable effectively control readings of meters, commutate loads, count energy balances, optimizing this way the consumption of energy. We discuss data acquisition subsystem as an inseparable part of allSCADA systems.

Power distribution network was chosen as a data transfer media . This offers unquestionable meritsbut also arises few problems. At first the characteristics of lines and noise parameters in the channelare unknown. Next, system needs communication protocol. Is it possible to accept any well known protocol or standard recomendation and which one? In our investigations we consider these questions and look for simply technical (not law) possibilities for implementation of such system. Requirements for communication system in the power distribution network are formulated and possible alternativesof realization are stated.

Futher idea of adaptive transmission rate is touched and necessity for special registration procedurebecause of the inconstancy of the network structure and lack of initial information is pointed out.

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