Paper format

  The length of the paper is restricted to exactly four (4) pages, including figures and references. If the presented material is shorter, the acceptable length is exactly two (2) pages in the same format.
The margins around each page should be set as follows:

left = 2 cm,  right = 2 cm,
top = 3 cm (5 cm on first page),  bottom = 3 cm.

  The text of the manuscript must be printed in two columns. Width of each column should be 8.25 cm.  The column separation is 0.5 cm.
The first page of the manuscript must contain the title of the paper, author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s), all centred on the top of the page and spanning both columns. There should be one complete line space between the title, the author names, and the author affiliations. A space of two complete lines is required between the author affiliations and beginning of the main text.

A brief abstract not exceeding 15 lines should appear at the beginning of the paper, on top of the left column.
Please use Times New Roman font and single-spaced typing.

Recommended font sizes:

Title 14 bold
Authors 12  
Affiliations 10 italic
Abstract 9 bold
Main text 10  


  • do not type any page numbers
  • do not use any colour in illustrations
  • do not use hand-written symbols or formulas

Please use the Guidelines for preparation of the manuscript (MS Word97-2003) or PDF (Adobe Portable Format)

  The PDF files should follow the requirements below:
"PDF Specification for IEEE Xplore®" /1/ - defines the PDF requirements for creating PDF files for IEEE Xplore.

This downloadable PDF document provides detailed information on how to prepare PDF files for IEEE Xplore. This document replaces previous versions of the specification and any addendums. Files created under version 3.2 of the specification and its addendum are acceptable as long as the files are in PDF 1.4 or later (Acrobat 5). Support for submissions in PDF 1.0 through 1.2 (Acrobat 1 through 3) officially ends on 30 June 2007. Support for PDF 1.3 (Acrobat 4) ends on 30 Dec. 2007. Updated 28 February 2007.

/1/ (PDF, 307KB)

More information can be found from

  To validate that the camera ready version is compatible with IEEE Xplore® PDF specification see
instructions how to use IEEE PDF eXpress™
  Please FAX your signed IEEE copyright release form to +372 620 2151
Use "2008 International Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference (BEC2008)" as the conference name.

We cannot publish your paper without this permission.

Please use this official copyright form, PDF
You can download the form also from


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