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Guidelines for Authors of Lecture Presentations

Lecture sessions provide an opportunity for presentation of your work to audience in a short time. Because lecture sessions are synchronous in nature and some participants plan to move among sessions to catch the papers of their interest, we ask you to keep the timetable of the conference. Since the time for your presentation is rather short, you have to prepare your materials with high clarity. The following guidelines probably will help you.

Lecture Preparation

    All lecture session rooms will be equipped with an overhead projector for transparencies.

    Please prepare your transparencies in advance. No materials or equipment will be available at the conference for preparing your presentation materials at last minute. Please do not use hand written presentation materials!

    Size of lettering and clarity of presentation materials are important. For letter size Times New Roman with font 22 points or larger is recommendable.

    Please do not use more than six or seven transparencies during your presentation. Make your transparencies simple and clear.

    Use graphics, schematic diagrams, and figures to make the presentation effective. Keep the text to the minimum possible.

    You will have only 15-17 minutes to present your work, and you will be able to speak between 1000-1200 words during this period.

Lecture Presentation
    Please plan to arrive at the assigned lecture room five to ten minutes prior the start of the session to introduce yourself to the session chairman and to make sure that the needed presentation equipment is available in the room.

    All regular full-lecture sessions have 4 papers (half-lecture sessions have 2 or 3 papers). Lecture presentation slots are 20 minutes long. Please limit your presentation to 15-17 minutes while leaving the remaining time for questions and comments.

    Please do not read directly from the transparency. Use them only as a guide. We do not recommend reading from a prepared speech.

    Non-author (substitute) presentations are not highly encouraged but acceptable if the real author cannot be present at the conference. The substitute presenters must be familiar with the material being represented in order to be able to answer questions from the audience. Also, the substitute presenter must contact the session chairman or registration desk ahead of the scheduled session time to apprise of the change.

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