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Accepted papers for BEC 2004

Plenary Session - Invited Papers

Chair: Prof. Toomas Rang

Olev Liik
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
Estonian energy sector today and its future development tasks
Hannu Tenhunen
Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden
Educational Challenges and Strategies in Electronics
Daniel Foty
Gilgamesh Associates, USA
Perspectives on Scaling Theory and CMOS Technology - Punctuated Equilibrium and Evolutionary Biology
Paulo S.R. Diniz
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) , Brazil
Multicarrier Communication Systems
Thomas Nicolay
Universität des Saarlandes, Germany
Design Considerations for Direct Conversion Zero-IF Receivers in Handheld Digital Video Broadcasting Devices
Michel Renovell
LIRMM, Montpellier, France
Realistic Fault Models for Defects in Electronic Circuits
Manfred Glesner,
Thomas Hollstein, Tudor Murgan

Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany
System Design Challenges in Ubiquitous Computing Environments


1.  Electronic Materials, Devices, and Simulation

session 1-1: Electronic Materials and Devices
Chair: Prof. Enn Velmre

J. Anilioniené, R. Anilionis, T. Keršys LOCOS Technology Simulation
R. Budrevicius, S. Rupkus, A. Janeliauskas Computer models of surface acoustic wave devices
T. Rang, R. Kurel, G. Higelin Numerical Study of Turn-off Phenomenon in Complementary 4H-SiC JBS Rectifiers
O. Korolkov, J. Ljutov, N. Kuznetsova, J. Ruut, and T. Rang Analysis of the basic Schottky parameters for diffusion-welded aluminium contacts to p- and n-type SiC
M. Klopov, A. Kuusk, E. Velmre, A. Udal Ab initio study of GaN properties using VASP software package
E. Velmre, A. Udal, I. Verbitski Study of Radiative Recombination Influence in GaN and GaAs Bipolar Transistor Structures

session 1-2: Electron-optical Devices and Electronic Systems
Chair: Dr. Andres Udal

O. Zimarinas Mathematical model of aberrations in modern Cathode-Ray Tubes (CRT)
P. Tarvydas, V. Markevicius, A. Noreika Modelling of Asymmetric Electronic Optical System
D. Navikas, P. Tarvydas, A. Noreika Magnetic Field Interpolation in 3D Space
P. Balaišis, D. Eidukas, A. Besakirskas, P. Tervydis Efficiency of Rapidly Ageing Electronic Systems
N. Bagdanavicius, A. Besakirskas, A. Žickis, E. Keras Efficiency of Algorithms of Information System Operation
D. Eidukas, Š. Kilius, A. Valinevicius Analysis of home information network technologies


2.  Integrated Electronics and Chip Design

session 2-1
Chair: Dr. Eiko Kängsep

L. Aaltonen, M. Saukoski and K. Halonen Fully Integrated Clock Generating PLL Using Low Frequency Reference Signal
Mikko Saukoski, Teemu Salo, Kari Halonen Fully Integrated Charge Sensitive Amplifier for Readout of Micromechanical Capacitive Sensors
Jaana Riikonen, Mikko Aho, Väinö Hakkarainen, Kari Halonen A 10-bit 320 MS/s 170 mW 0.35-\mu m BiCMOS Time-Interleaved Pipeline A/D Converter
L. Vesalainen, J. Poikonen, A. Paasio A Current-Mode Implementation for Trapetzoidal Fuzzy Membership Function

session 2-2
Chair: Prof. Vello Kukk

J. Flak, M. Laiho, A. Paasio, K. Halonen Cell Structure for a Capacitively Coupled Binary CNN
G.I. Radulov, J.A. Hegt, P.J. Quinn, and A. van Roermund A calibration algorithm for current-steering DACs with relaxed design requirements
Ilari Teikari, Jouko Vankka, Kari Halonen Predictive LUT indexing in a RF predistortion system
Eero Ivask, Peeter Ellervee VHDL Front-End for High-Level Synyhesis Tool xTractor


3.  Instrumentation and System Design

session 3-1: Networking and Control
Chair: Prof.
Jaroslav Roztocil

Thomas Hollstein, Heiko Zimmer, Simon Hohenstern and Manfred Glesner HiNoC: A Flexible Multi-mode Transmission Network-on-Chip Platform
E. Fomina, A. Sudnitson, and R. Vasilyev Optimization of FSMs network by new encoding strategy
J. Roztocil, B. Šourek, R. Špinar, P. Tyml Control and Remote Monitoring of Alternative Energy Sources
Julius Skudutis, Member, IEEE, Vladislavas Daskevicius Investigation of resonance suppression possibilities in a helical system

session 3-2: Fuzzy and Neuro Systems
Chair: Prof. Tadeusz Dobrowiecki

Andri Riid, Raul Isotamm and Ennu Rüstern Generic membership function and its application to fuzzy modeling
Jani Mäkipää, Markku Åberg Energy Efficiency Through Neuromorphism
A. Wielgus Logic-level synthesis in cell-based design of analogue fuzzy hardware
Ye. Bodyanskiy, I. Kokshenev, V. Kolodyazhniy A learning fuzzy nonlinear filter
E. Petlenkov, E. Rüstern Experiments in Neural Network Inverse Modelling Based Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems
K. Vassiljeva, E. Rüstern On-line identification and adaptive control of nonlinear systems using neural networks

session 3-3: Embedded Systems
Chair: Prof. Jüri Vain

A. Kuusik SoC based mobile robot telecontrol system
K.L. Man Analyzing SystemCFL Designs Using Timed Automata
J. Vcelák Electronics for Fully Digital Compass
J. Vain, S. Suzuki, A. Kuusik Formal Safety Validation of Mobile Robot Teleoperation

session 3-4: Biomedical Systems
Chair: Prof. Kalju Meigas

D. Grigaitis, E. Zitkevicius, A. Usinskas Determination of symmetry axis on human brain CT image
E. Zitkevicius, R. Martavicius Detection of human brain ischemic stroke region by computed tomography image spectrum
A. Kvikliene, A. Kopustinskas Acoustic modelling of scattering from shell-encapsulated gas bubbles
R. Gordon Heart bioimpedance 3D FDM modelling with anisotropic tissue properties
T. Parve, R. Land, M. Min, G. Poola Improvement of switching lock-in signal conversion in bioimpedance analysers
Toivo Paavle, Mart Min Modeling of the PLL-based Bioimpedance Measurement System

session 3-5: Measurement
Chair: Prof. Mart Min

A. Citavicius, V. Knyva Potentialities of Total Harmonic Distortion Measurement Techniques
T.P. Dobrowiecki, J. Schoukens Optimal Measurements of Linear Approximation to Volterra TITO Systems
T. Tõnnisson, L. Kuusik Data acquisition module for interferometric optical spectrum analyzer
S. Kausinis, A. Jakstas, J. Fluegge, R. Barauskas 1D high precision interferometer-controlled comparator
A. Ronk, M. Min One bio-medical multisine measurement task: solution principles


4.   Test, Diagnostics, and Fault Tolerance

session 4-1: BIST and System Testing
Chair: Dr. Jaan Raik

Petr Fišer, Hana Kubátová Influence of the Test Lengths on Area Overhead in Mixed-Mode BIST
N. Mazurova, J. Smahtina, R. Ubar Hybrid Functional BIST for Digital Systems
Marcel Baláž, Elena Gramatová Wrapper Connection Technique for Embedded Cores
M. Mánik, E. Gramatová An Extended Formalisation in the PMC System Model for Faulty Units Identification

session 4-2: Fault Simulation and Test Generation
Chair: Prof. Raimund Ubar

Peeter Ellervee, Jaan Raik, Valentin Tihhomirov Environment for Fault Simulation Acceleration on FPGA
V. I. Hahanov, O.V. Melnikova, I. V. Hahanova, H. L. Chamyan Topological method of fault simulation
J. Raik, A. Krivenko, R. Ubar Comparative Analysis of Sequential Circuit Test Generation Approaches
Y.A. Skobtsov, D.E. Ivanov, V.Y. Skobtsov, R. Ubar Evolutionary Approach to the Functional Test Generation for Digital Circuits
M. Brik, J. Raik, R. Ubar, E. Ivask On Using Genetic Algorithm for Test Generation
M. Janciukas, E. Bareiša Testing of hard to detect faults

session 4-3: Analog Test and Educational Aspects of Testing
Chair: Prof. Peeter Ellervee

V. Stopjaková, P. Malošek, and M. Matej Efficient Defect Detection in Analog and Mixed-signal ICs by Neural Network-based Analysis using Wavelet Decomposition
M. Komárek, V. Papež, J. Roztocil, D. Varga Harmonic signal generation with a high spectral purity for high speed ADC testing
Sergey G. Mosin TeDiAC: the CAD Tool for Studying Approaches to Test and Diagnosis of Analogue Circuits
V. Vislogubov, A. Jutman, H. Kruus, E. Orasson, J. Raik, R. Ubar Diagnostic Software with WEB Interface for Teaching Purposes
T. Pikula, R. Lauko BIST Learning Applet
Zdenek Pliva Practical Teaching of the Test Access


5.  Telecommunication and Optical Transmission

session 5-1:
Chair: Dr. Thomas Nicolay

Julia Derkats Multibeam sonar and sounding signals
A. Gavrijaševa Sidescan sonar with high resolution
Ritvars Krievs Improved mobile positioning algorithm based on Cell ID
I. Lagzdinyte, A. Budnikas Dynamical Location Update Model for Mobile Objects
A. Meister, P. Martverk, E. Lossmann Sensitivity of non-coherent frequency shift keying to harmonic interference
R. Migonis, V. Knyva, A. Citavicius Preconditions for DVB Rollout in Lithuania

session 5-2:
Chair: Dr. Aimur Raja

I. Müürsepp Complex amplitude-phase manipulated probe signals
Thomas Nicolay, M. Schmitt, M. Kirsch A 16-QAM Direct Conversion FM/AM Modulator Concept for Microwave Short-Range Communications
Th. Nicolay, H.-W. Groh Low Power Consuming, Low Noise, Zero-IF Direct Conversion Receiver for Digital Audio System DAB
R. Rindzevicius, J. Gvergzdys, V. Pilkauskas Analysis of the Multi-service Traffic over Frame Relay
G. Rutka Traffic prediction in mobile networks using neural network applications
A. Zvironiene, R. Rindzevicius, Z. Navickas The Aggregate for Telecommunication System Analysis

session 5-3:
Chair: Dr. Avo Ots

P. Tervydis, R. Rindzevicius ON/OFF Voice Sources Model for Analysis of VoIP Transmission in Data Networks
Rudolf Volner, Ph.D., Petr Boreš, Ph.D. Policy – based Management for Enterprise and Carrier ATN Networking
Svetlana V. Chumachenko Solving Electrodynamics Problems by Reproducing Transformations Method


7.  Power Electronics

Chair: Prof. Tõnu Lehtla

L. Kuusk Renovation of 30 Years Old Dragline Drive System
R. Jansikene, L. Liivik Starting Processes of Experimental Frequency Controlled Electrical Drive
A. Rosin, E. Pettai, T. Lehtla Development of Control and Diagnostics System for Tallinn Trams
Madis Lehtla, Juhan Laugis Control System for Electric Traction Drive
Dmitri Vinnikov, Tõnu Lehtla Compact design of a power circuit for a dual-output voltage converter
Vitali Boiko, Juhan Laugis A Speed Measurement Method in the Model Drive with Field-Oriented Control
R. Strzelecki, G. Benysek, M. Jarnut Voltage power line conditioner VPLC – input power factor correction solutions


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