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Navigating at Tallinn Technical University

The campus of TTU is located about 8 km from the city centrum.

It takes 10 to 20 minutes and ~60 EEK (1 EURO ~ 15.6 EEK) to reach it by taxi (both from centrum or airport; better specify TTU at Mustamäe since there are several structural units of TTU in other areas), twice as much in time by bus (No. 36) or trolley (No. 3) from city centrum. One-way public transport tickets at 10 EEK (15 EEK in Express-buses) are available at the kiosks, and at 15 and 20 EEK, from the bus-driver.

The main TTU complex is built in early 1960'es as a group of four parallel 4-floored buildings interconnected at northern wing on two lower floors.

The TTU Campus plan is also available in pdf format.

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