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Accepted papers for BEC 2002

Plenary Session - Invited Papers
Olev Schults,
Cresco Investments, Estonia
Venture Capital and Financing of Technology Projects
Javid Khan,
European Commission, Belgium
The European Union 6th Framework Programme for Research and Development
Uljas Tamm, Enn Velmre,
Tallinn Technical University, Estonia
40 years of Electronics Department at Tallinn Technical University
Veikko Porra, Kari Halonen,
Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
Integrated Circuit Design for Personal Communication Systems
Tuomas P. Valtonen1,2, Jouni Isoaho1,2, Hannu Tenhunen3,
1Turku Center for Computer Science (TUCS), Finland,  2University of Turku, Finland,  3R. Instit. of Tech., Sweden
Conceived Performance of Re-Configurable IC Architectures
Ivars Bilinskis,
Institute of Electronics and Computer Science, Latvia
Processing Signals Digitally in a Much Wider Frequency Range

   1. Electronic Materials, Devices, and Simulation
1 P-001 Simulation of the Twined Helical Deflecting System S. Štaras, T. Burokas oral
1 P-041 Quality Problems of Colour Television Tubes R. Anilionis, G. Kondrotas poster
1 P-048 Wireless Internet Equipment Security Modelling D. Eidukas, A.Valinevicius, M. Zilys, Š. Kilius oral
1 P-059 A hybrid method for ray tracing simulation Juris Ziemelis poster
1 P-065 Classical Electrodynamics, Charge  Distributions of Currents and the Metal Transistor Rainer Taniloo oral
1 P-066 The Structure of FET-Based Negative Differential Resistance for Microwave and Neural Network Applications Rainer Taniloo poster
1 P-080 Two-dimensional nonisothermal analysis of the current crowding effect at nonuniform SiC Schottky contacts using device simulator DYNAMIT-2DT Raido Kurel, Andres Udal oral
1 P-087 Preliminary Investigation of Diffusion Welded Contacts to p-type 6H-SiC O. Korolkov, T. Rang, N. Kuznetsova, and J. Ruut oral
1 P-089 Simulation of the Control System of AC Linear Positioning Drive L. Liivik, R. Jansikene poster
1 P-090 Modelling of the Seebeck coefficient influenced by carrier phonon drag and mixed scattering Milko Milatškov oral

   2. Integrated Electronics and Chip Design
2 P-026 Using Weighted Graphs for Fast Architecture Exploration Peeter Ellervee, Tarmo Klaar, 
Margus Kruus, Kalle Tammemäe
2 P-030 A Dual-Mode 85MHz Double Sampling Bandpass DS–Modulator J. Järvinen, T. Salo, K. Halonen oral
2 P-031 A CMOS Adiabatic Bus-Driver – Experimental Results Jacek Flak, Veikko Porra oral
2 P-032 Amplifier Circuits For a 60 GHz Radio Front-End Mikko Kärkkäinen, Mikko Varonen,
Jan Riska, Pekka Kangaslahti, and Veikko Porra
2 P-033 An Integrated 2 GHz SiGe Power Amplifier Pasi Juurakko, Ville Saari, Jussi Ryynänen, Kari Halonen oral
2 P-035 High Speed Learning in Silicon F. Stüpmann, S. Rode, G. Geske poster
2 P-040 Models of SAW Sensors S. Rupkus poster
2 P-043 Research of Electronic Devices Thermal States Dynamics P. Balaišis, D. Eidukas, D. Navikas, G. Vilutis poster
2 P-051 Broadband Upconverter for Cable Modem Receiver Arto Malinen, Petteri Paatsila, Kari Stadius, Kari Halonen oral
2 P-057 Artifcial Neural Network in analog VLSI-Technology Gundolf Geske, Frank Stüpmann, 
Steffen Rode
2 P-067 The non-idealities effect on the pipelined sigma-delta modulator performances A. Rusu, H. Tenhunen oral
2 P-068 A Case Study on the Effects of Substrate Noise in RF CMOS Mixers Li Li and Hannu Tenhunen oral
2 P-072 A 32x32 CMOS Photogate Active Pixel Sensor Matrix A. Leppänen,  K. Tukkiniemi oral
2 P-102 An approach to accuracy improvement of the noise macromodels in the general-purpose circuit simulators E. Gadjeva, M. Hristov, B. Mihova, L. Donevska poster
2 P-105 Survivable synchronous sequential circuits design A. Matrosova, V. Andreeva poster
2 P-110 SC Structures with Low-Threshold MOS Switches V. Männama and R. Sabolotny oral

   3. Instrumentation and System Design
3 P-008 Application of content addressable memories for the design of PCB Wolfgang Fredrich oral
3 P-010 Phase-Domain Modeling of the PLL Frequency Synthesizers Toivo Paavle oral
3 P-014 Formation and processing of the orthogonal sounding signals in multichannel sonars A. Duhnik , V. Kozevnikov poster
3 P-015 Sonar Adaptation to the Measurement Range J. Derkach, V. Kozhevnikov poster
3 P-021 Transparency Enhancement of First Order Takagi-Sugeno Systems: Promoting the Competition Between the Rules by Controlling the Overlap of Input Fuzzy Sets Andri Riid, Raul Isotamm and 
Ennu Rüstern
3 P-022 Fuzzy Hierarchical Control of Truck and Trailer Andri Riid and Ennu Rüstern oral
3 P-023 Use of multichannel sonar A1-P0-PCI in bathymetric surveys M. Rüütel, V. Kozevnikov, P. Väling oral
3 P-027 Web-based Tools for Finite State Machine Decomposition with Analysis of Information Flows E. Fomina, A. Keevallik, M. Kruus, and A. Sudnitson oral
3 P-037 A pen for automatic signature authentication V. Vavricka, K. Dudacek oral
3 P-045 Realisation & application of a transconductance feedback amplifier M. Al-Gahtani & B. Wilson oral
3 P-046 Measurement of the Root-Mean-Square Value of Periodic Signals on the Basis of Frequency Measurement A. Citavicius, V. Knyva poster
3 P-047 Model of CRT Deflection Systems Magnetic Shunts O. Zimarinas poster
3 P-054 Automatic Vessel Identification System R. Haavel, H. Tani oral
3 P-055 Control and Remote Monitoring System of Aids to Navigation R. Haavel, Ü. Heinla, L. Käärmann, T. Pikpoom, R. Rebane, H. Tani poster
3 P-056 Behavioural descriptions of electronic devices and its implementation in VHDL-AMS M.A. Trofimov, S.G. Mosin, V.N. Lantsov poster
3 P-075 Design of Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer A. Cerman, P. Ripka oral
3 P-076 Practical measurements on new types of magnetoresistive sensors M. Vopálenský, P. Ripka, M. Tondra, H. Hauser poster
3 P-082 Coherence function and Wiener-Hammertein systems Tadeusz P. Dobrowiecki, 
Johan Schoukens
3 P-084 Frequency pattern fitting in an extended block-adaptive Fourier analyser – I: indipensable restrictions Ants Ronk oral
3 P-085 Frequency pattern fitting in an extended block-adaptive Fourier analyser – II: ordering of frequencies and fitting of them on disjoint sets of values Ants Ronk poster
3 P-091 Low Distortion Sine Wave Generator Measurements and Lock-In Amplifier D. Varga, J. Roztocil oral
3 P-093 Linear Interpolation of Nonlinear Functions with Minimized Number of Knots for DSP Applications Peteris Misans, Normunds Veselis, Janis Martinsons, Maris Alberts oral
3 P-108 Frequency pattern fitting in an extended block-adaptive Fourier analyser – III: necessary detunings Ants Ronk poster
3 P-112 Linear Interpolation of Nonlinear Functions with Minimized Number of Knots for Fixed-Point DSP Applications Peteris Misans, Normunds Veselis, Janis Bleiers, Gints Linis poster
3 P-115 Universal ADC testing software J. Brossmann, D. Varga, J. Roztocil poster

   4. Test, Diagnostics, and Fault Tolerance
4 P-004 Automatic Test Patterns Generation for Simulation-based Validation V. Jusas, R. Šeinauskas oral
4 P-007 Low Power Boundary Scan Design Zdenek Pliva, Ondrej Novak oral
4 P-011 Transient faults robustness evaluation of safety critical system using simulation P. Grillinger, S. Racek oral
4 P-016 Symbolic techniques in parametric fault diagnosis of analog circuits F. Grasso, A. Luchetta, S. Manetti, M. C. Piccirilli oral
4 P-029 Fault Diagnosis on electronical circuits based of content addressable memories Wolfgang Fredrich, Wojciech Toczek oral
4 P-042 Aspects of Complex Electronic Systems Reliability P. Balaišis, D. Eidukas, D. Navikas, A. Besakirskas poster
4 P-064 Automatic Synthesis Bist Tool for Digital Circuits T. Pikula, M. Fischerová, E. Gramatová oral
4 P-073 Defect-Oriented Test Generation and Fault Simulation in  the Environment of MOSCITO A. Schneider, K.-H. Diener, E. Gramatova, M. Fisherova, E. Ivask, R. Ubar, W. Pleskacz, W. Kuzmicz poster
4 P-074 High-Level Synthesis and Test in the MOSCITO-Based Virtual Laboratory A. Schneider, K.-H. Diener, G. Jervan, Z. Peng, J. Raik, R. Ubar, T. Hollstein, M. Glesner oral
4 P-077 A Novel 1-out-of-n differential CMOS checker and its Applications to Fault Tolerant Designs Jimson Mathew, Elena Dubrova poster
4 P-079 Parallel Fault Simulation in Functional-Switching CMOS-Structures A. E. Lyulkin, I. I. Linnik poster
4 P-086 Exact Static Compaction of Independent Test Sequences J. Raik, A. Jutman, R. Ubar poster
4 P-088 Java Technology Based Training System for Teaching Digital Design and Test S. Devadze, A. Jutman, A. Sudnitson,R. Ubar, H.-D. Wuttke oral
4 P-092 An experiment board for IEEE 1149.1 education Bengt Magnhagen, Esmail Olfati oral
4 P-106 ATPG System and Test Genaration Methods for Digital Devices Vladimir Hahanov, Olga Skvortsova, Irina Sysenko, Hayk Chamyan oral
4 P-107 Approach to prune the list of defects by neglecting statistically insignificant shorts in standard cells defect/fault analysis M. Blyzniuk, I. Kazymyra oral
4 P-114 Genetic algorithms in test generation for digital circuits Y.A. Skobtsov, D.E. Ivanov, V.Y. Skobtsov, S.A. Zakusilo oral

   5. Telecommunication and Optical Transmission
5 P-003 The evaluation of different packet size groups delay bound R. Plestys, D. Rimkus poster
5 P-013 Portable optical spectrum analyzer for testing optical DWDM telecommunication systems T. Tõnnisson,  J. Pelt,  B. Vince poster
5 P-028 Detection of modulation scheme in adaptive OFDM A. Meister, E. Lossmann, P. Martverk oral
5 P-050 A Statistical Model for RF Wireless Channels A. Raja oral
5 P-058 Using fading to improve accuracy of Cell ID based mobile positioning algorithms Ritvars Krievs oral
5 P-060 A 2.4 GHz FM-DCSK Chaos Radio System V. Porra,  K. Król,  A. Mozsàry oral
5 P-061 Network model  ATM – based broadband CATV Rudolf Volner, Petr Boreš, Daša Tichá poster
5 P-062 CATV – edge networks Rudolf Volner, Petr Boreš, Daša Tichá poster
5 P-063 Regression models CATV Rudolf Volner, Petr Boreš, Daša Tichá oral
5 P-078 Long-range dependent traffic models CATV Rudolf Volner, Petr Boreš, Daša Tichá poster

   6. Biomedical Electronics
6 P-036 Frequency response simulation of ultrasound contrast agent considering size distribution T. Burba, A. Kopustinskas oral
6 P-038 Electronic in In Vitro Fertilisation Task T. Mainzer poster
6 P-049 Analog-To-Digital Conversion of Bio-Signals by Means of the PC Sound Card Maris Ozols and Janis Spigulis poster
6 P-053 A survey of bioinspired methods for design of fault tolerant reconfigurable architectures Lukáš Sekanina, Vladimír Drábek oral
6 P-070 A New Type of Non-Contact 2D Multimodal Interface to Track and Acquire Hand Position and Tremor Signal Dan-Marius Dobrea, Horia-Nicolai Teodorescu oral
6 P-081 Electrical Bioimpedance Measurement:  methods and equivalent circuits R. Gordon, T. Parve oral
6 P-103 Mean and standard deviation for ischemic stroke segmentation of human head brain in computed tomography images A. Usinskas, V. Mikelaitis oral
6 P-104 Reduction of ocular artifacts from sleep EEG signals using the independent component analysis method Anca Mihaela Lazar, Victor Andrei Maiorescu poster
6 P-111 A set-up for investigation of post-ischaemic recovery of isolated animal heart based on dynamic measurement of pressure, flow, and electrical bioimpedance I. Rätsep,  A. Kink,  G. Taal,  T. Parve oral

   7. Power Electronics
7 P-005 New Concept of the Parallel Active Power Filtering Ryszard Strzelecki, Grzegorz Benysek, Jacek Rusinski, Marcin Jarnut oral
7 P-006 Two new unity power factor three-phase diode rectifiers with ripple power re-rectification and resonant filters T. Sakkos, V. Sarv poster
7 P-012 Single phase active power line conditioners - without transformers G. Meckien, R. Strzelecki oral
7 P-024 Development of auxiliary power supply for tram D. Vinnikov, M. Lehtla oral
7 P-025 Starting of a diesel engine by help of ultracapacitors V. Boiko, D. Vinnikov, J. Joller poster
7 P-044 Quality factor of planar spiral inductors at frequencies up to self-resonance J. Jankovskis oral
7 P-069 Power analyse of a tram system with energy storage devices J. Joller, M. Lehtla oral
7 P-071 Experimental Water Treatment Systems Control and Monitoring via Multipoint Interface A. Rosin, T. Lehtla oral

   8. Micromechanical Systems
8 P-034 Interface Circuit for a Micromechanical Microphone Read-out Jouko Marjonen, Arto Rantala, Markku Åberg, Hannu Sipola oral
8 P-083 Design and Prototyping of Embedded Systems-on-Chip for Mechatronic Systems T. Hollstein, R. Ludewig, C. Schlachta, 
M. Glesner
8 P-113 Design Sensitivity Analysis of an Angular Rate Sensor Saulius Kaušinis,  Rimantas Barauskas poster

   Special Session: Digital Alias-Free Signal Processing
P-094 High-resolution Event Timing Based on Analog Signal Digitizing Ju. Artyukh
P-095 Analog Signal Digitizer Adapted to Experimental Evaluation of DASP Algorithms Ju. Artyukh, V. Bespal’ko, E. Boole
P-096 A New Line of Timing Systems for Satellite Laser Ranging Ju. Artyukh, V. Bespal’ko, E. Boole
P-097 DASP-based test system for linear circuits M. Greitans
P-098 DASP-based processing of telecommunication signals I. Mednieks
P-099 Scalable VHDL Architectures for Non-Uniform Sampling Driver Designs F. Papenfuß,  R. Hecht,  D. Timmermann
P-100 Signal Reconstruction from Finite Sets of Arbitrarily Distributed Samples Andrzej Tarczynski
P-101 Pseudorandom Sampling in a Multifrequency Impedance Analyser O. Märtens and M.Min

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